Deirdre Logue

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Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes

Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes (2003-2006) is 12 short self-portraits that record accomplishments without impact, small feats of moderate strength and moments of mild impudence. They are reflections on aging, breaking down and reparation. They are works that describe our need for intimacy and our fears of exposure. They are always, when we really wish they were just sometimes. WAIJS won both Best Installation/New Media Work as well as the Images Festival Prize in the 2006 Images Festival of Independent Film and Video and is in the collection of Oakville Galleries.

Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes is ideally shown as a 6 channel work (DVD), presented in a semi-circular arrangement of 19" suspended (or wall mounted), 4:3 flat screen television monitors (provided). The room should be dim, but not exclude available light. Audiences should stand to view the work and be able to move freely in the space. Sound emits from each of the televisions simultaneously creating a symphonic collective track that must be heard loudly and clearly with no interfering or contradicting sound. Each of the 6 DVD players, (hidden from view), play the same 12 works, but are started 'staggered' (each beginning on a different chapter) so that each screen is playing a different piece in the suite of 12.