Deirdre Logue

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Tape, Deirdre Logue, 5:00 (1:00 excerpt), 2000, colour, 16mm film.

Tape explores entrapment. Alone on the horizon the artist tapes the circumference of her head. Like preparing a package for shipping, she works with determination to ensure all surfaces are covered. She occasionally tears the tape, accidently losing the ends here and there. As she takes the time to find them, tension mounts.

Enlightened Nonsense - 1997-2000, (22 min. B&W 16mm film, sound) 10 thematically related film works that were each shot, hand-processed and edited within a total of approximately one week. Each beginning with a specific gesture, the works express both the physical manifestation of different states of being and a desire to understand one's relationship to our physical and psychological limitations.