Deirdre Logue

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Per Se

Per Se, Deirdre Logue, 4:12 (1:10 excerpt), 2005, DV Video

During the simple act of counting a bag of confetti - piece by piece - memory thresholds are found and failures amass. The performer begins each count where she left off last. Like pixilation, each individual dot is required to complete the picture. Once all pieces in the bag of confetti have been accounted for – each piece will be re-counted again and again until the numbers resolve.

Rough Count is a continuous counting project which currently exists on 12 channels. Interested educational, gallery or museum exhibitors can show a 1 hour version - which provides 8 images on 2 channels (4 per monitor) - or any number of individual channels in numerical order. In the case of gallery or museum exhibition the artist will provide all monitors and DVD players.